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Which airlines fly green?

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Good news for all eco-friendly travellers. Airlines are starting to engage in eco and green practices. We have contacted them in order to find out each airline exact policy. Below we present a list of the greenest ones with their best practises in going green. The airlines are sorted alphabetically.

Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air

Airline with wide eco programs. Alaska Airlines' planes are equipped with winglets to save fuel and most of the ground vehicles use electricity or different alternative power source. Recycling is a common thing and the offices all use green design.

American Airlines

As a first airline it will start flying the newest Boeing planes known for their much improved fuel efficiency. Their airport lounges are now being redesigned to be more eco-friendly.

British Airways

This airline is a pioneer of carbon offset program. British Airways have also started to use alternative fuels in it's planes. Several eco initiatives are sponsored by them. It's aim is to reduce the CO2 emissions up to a half of the current state by 2050.

Continental Airlines

Biofuels are the choice of this airline. Their fleet is also considerably younger. Newer planes are more fuel efficient and thus greener.

Delta Air Lines

Massive recyclation program in place. They even received an award for it. The terminal in Boston received a LEED certificate. Money are being donated regularly to the Nature Conservacy.


Engines of planes are being exchanged for more efficient ones. Big goals are set out for the future. By 2015 noise should be down 25% and CO2 50%.

Japan Airlines

Fuel reduction measures are applied. Alternative fuels are being tested. They have received the World Savers Award by Conde Nast Traveler.


Even this lowcost airline goes green. It is a part of carbon footprint offset program. When taxying, the airplanes only use a single engine. They offer earth-friendly food on board.

Nature Air

Only a small airline in Central America. But it is the first to be certified as carbon neutral. It does so for example by reusing cooking oil to power ground vehicles.

Southwest Airlines

A traditional leader in going green. They recycle oil, reduce noise and the use of paper and so on. Most other airlines are only starting to catch up on them.

Virgin America

Recycling is very well implemented. Virgin America have newer, fuel efficient planes. And as the first airline, they have joined the Climate Leaders program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Via AirportParking


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