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10 Tips For Carry-On Luggage

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Given the seemingly ever increasing prices to check bags, you can expect more passengers to carry-on luggage to keep their cheap airplane tickets and cheap vacation packages truly cheap.

The following are tips for handling carry-on bags to make you and your fellow passenger's trip as pleasant as possible:

  1. Follow airline rules regarding size and number of items that you carry-on. Since bag dimension limits may vary between airlines check out your airline’s web site.
  2. Make certain you adhere to TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) rules for liquid carry-ons (Read more about TSAs). Deviating from these rules will probably delay you and everyone in line behind you.
  3. Place your bag in the overhead bin with the wheels in first so that your bag can be easily repositioned to make room for other items placed in the bin.
  4. Avoid putting your bag in lengthwise since this will allow the maximum number of bags to be stored overhead.
  5. Leave your larger bag in the overhead bin and your smaller bag under the seat in front of you.
  6. Place your bag in the bin above your seat or as nearby as possible.
  7. Confirm that your bag is not too heavy for you to lift it over your head. Other than for exceptions due to age, illness or injury, you should be able to handle your own bag.
  8. Take out any items that you anticipate wanting during the flight before takeoff.
  9. Only lay your coat in the overhead bin after everyone’s bags have been put away.
  10. After your flight open the overhead door slowly as to make sure the baggage hasn't shifted and falls out.


  • Slawomir

    about 7 years ago

    Hi Melinda,
    Believe me what's obvious to you, doesn't necessarily have to be equally obvious to a first-timer and our web is meant to be helpful both to such travellers and to old troupers and experienced travellers. As as for the space, well we have plenty of it here!

    Have a nice day

  • melinda

    about 7 years ago

    I've never come across such an inane list of obvious points. Is this a joke? Are there really people who need telling point number 8? Number 5? What a waste of space.

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